Office Cleaning in Birmingham Just Got Easy 

office cleaning in birmingham easy cleanersOffice cleaning in Birmingham and the surrounding area is part of our commercial cleaning services for all forms of corporate and business spaces. No matter what the size of the area or task, we make sure the right clean is completed easily and making sure that you can carry on with life and business in the meantime.
We can provide a regular cleaning attendance, whether weekly or even daily, and make sure this is at the best time for you. This is usually very early in the morning or early evening after the working day, however we can make sure that the timing is best for you as well as practical issues like access easily resolved.
Alternatively, we can do a one-off clean, whether after say an office move, a messy refurbishment, or simply a crazy day. Whatever cleaning arrangements you already have in place we will respect, whether another office cleaning company in Birmingham or your own individual cleaners.

The Right Office Cleaners & Basis

The right individual cleaner or team will be selected, and this will all be at the best price and basis. For ongoing instructions we can agree just the right type and timing of payments, to make sure things run smoothly from now onwards.
We realise the importance of the correctly vetted cleaners in business and office environments, therefore all compliance tick-boxes can be checked and completed where necessary. These of course need to accommodate the unique requirements of any client and office premises, for example Data Protection issues and access arrangements. 
We can then clarify an agreed Cleaning Schedule to make sure everything is included, for example:
•General vacuum cleaning and/or mopping. 
•Separate toilet and kitchen cleaning areas 
•Dusting around desks and storage areas, knowing what needs to remain as much as those that need to be moved and cleaned 
•Pot cleaning and dishwashing 
•Removing rubbish, including waste bins, any recycling arrangements, and applying any external waste collection provisions 
•Arranging any additional requirements, for example cleaning towels, and replacing any toilet facilities   

Prices & Basis 

We can easily accommodate terms and costs to suit clients. We understand how these will need to be in line with accounting procedures, therefore regular monthly invoices and costs are often agreed, however any additional items and more simple hourly rates can be agreed as well. 
Ongoing contracts with favourable rates can be looked at, and arranging any additional expertise directly or by the client instructing direct – for example window cleaners, and those dealing with external parts.  

Free Survey & Quote 

CONTACT US TODAY for immediate help and advice! We can arrange to come and inspect the premises and help form a bespoke Cleaning Schedule for you, all free of charge. 
We can then provide a detailed proposal with competitive prices for your consideration, and making your office cleaning nice and easy. 

Why Easy Cleaners?

1 Local Birmingham and Midlands Cover
2 Reliable Cleaners
3 Guaranteed Service
4 All Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services
5 The Right Price